This page gives a diary style account of our journey in bringing North East Target Sports to life.

(entries are in reverse order so please begin at the bottom of the page and join us in our journey so far)

Friday February 2nd 2018

It's been a while since we have added to our journey so we thought we would touch base. We have had a lot of interest in the club and our numbers have grown steadily throughout the year, especially the younger generation. We would like to thank friends and family for all of their support throughout the last year and not forgetting our all of our members. You guys are the reason we keep pushing forward to make this the best club in the North East.

Friday July 28th 2017

The club now has 12 members who are fully qualified as RCO's (Range Conducting Officer). A BIG Thankyou to Bob and the NSRA (National Small-Bore Rifle Associtation) for all of the help and support in making this happen.

Friday July 7th 2017

We are now officialy affiliated with the NSRA (National Small-Bore Rifle Associtation)

Friday 30th June 2017

Tonight at the club we have been testing different material types to use as our backstop. Samples have been sent from several companies which we have put through a barrage of tests to work out which was the best. The tests carried out included crossbow arrows, 55lbs compound bow with rounded arrows (the bows that we will be using in the future will have a lower lbs rating, the 55lbs bow was used to test the material to the max). Air rifle with flat, rounded and pointed pellets, 5 shots on top of each other. Finally a match pistol with flat and rounded pellets again 5 shots aimed at the same point.

A clear winner was produced so Paul will be ordering enough material to cover the shooting area which will be fixed in place once it arrives.

Friday June 23rd 2017

We all sat down to discuss and finalise the clubs logo, thanks to Nigels friend and a bit of tweeking from Chizzle we now have our new logo which can be seen at the top of the website.

Friday April 7th 2017

Just for fun Chizzle & Colin setup a make shift target area consisting of 2 target boxes and a zombie knockdown target box so everyone can plink away until their hearts content.

Friday March 31st 2017

Everything in order, keys in hand, we took the first steps into our new home. As a group we all threw ideas round the table on the best direction forward. We talked about what we would like to see up and running first and the obvious was air rifle target shooting as we have not had the chance to shoot since we split from the "SECOND" best rifle club in Hartlepool :)

Friday February 17th 2017

With all of the boxes ticked we are proud to say that we have a place we can call home which is the Corporation Sports & Social Club on Whitby street in Hartlepool. Celebrations all round, we have a long road ahead but we are thrilled and thankful to Paul who secured the premises.

Friday February 10th 2017

Today was a nervous day for our dream. We have been waiting on a answer to a question that would give us a huge step forward in making our dream a reality. Thankfully we recevied a positive answer to our question so we are a lot closer to our goal.

Friday January 13th 2017

Excited about our new club, it was all hands on deck with each of us putting forward our skills and taking on roles. From someone acting as a secretary, an accountant, a treasurer, a researcher to even the social media side, we all chipped in. It gave us all a sense of pride knowing that we are working towards somthing that can really make a difference.

Tuesday January 10th 2017

The URL domains are registered for our online visibility, with a basic layout created to get the site up and running.

Friday January 6th 2017

We as a group of 10 sat around a table at our local meeting place, all members of various shooting clubs, we put the world to rights with our idle chit chat. An idea has been on the table for a few months brought into light by one particualr member of our posse. With a host of events that had come to pass in the last month its that idea that would define our direction from that point on.

To create a club that not only provided shooting facilities but to encompass a variety of target sports from Archery to Knife throwing and a whole lot more.

From that get together Northeast Target Sports is born.